Many of you know us as one of the leading M&A advisory firms for medical technology, life sciences, and fitness/wellness. What you don’t know is that we have been partnering with universities, hospitals, and leading physicians to bring exciting technologies to life. We are pleased to make a big announcement that will give you a little insight into our secret...and how we help academic and research institutions commercialize novel technology.

In 2009, GreyMatter Health Ventures founded Audax Medical, Inc. ( in conjunction with one of our key advisors and past client, Mark Johanson, and some very significant biotechnology from Brown University. We started Audax Medical with the idea in mind that the company could make a major leap forward in the treatment of a variety of bone and soft tissue diseases, and help improve the lives of patients suffering from chronic, debilitating orthopedic diseases.


In October 2010, Audax Medical entered into a comprehensive license agreement with Brown University, acquiring exclusive rights to a proprietary osteobiologic technology. The biomaterial, Arxis™, is being developed for use in multiple clinical applications for the repair of diseased bone, cartilage, and other soft tissues by regenerating healthy tissue. The Arxis™ biomaterial consists of organic nanomolecules which have the potential to meet an array of clinical needs. The implantable material can incorporate varying growth agents that allow its end characteristics to be customized for multiple clinical and regenerative indications throughout the musculoskeletal system. Our partnership with Brown University’s world class scientific team is a major milestone for the company and it greatly expands Audax Medical’s growing osteobiologic and soft tissue platforms.

We are continually searching to increase our range of partnerships with universities, hospitals, physicians, and scientists that seek to develop and commercialize novel medical technologies which contribute to the advancement of patient care. For more information, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

More information about the science behind the technology, including pictures and video, can be found at: