Superior performance is a function of one thing: FOCUS. At Medical Capital Advisors, we focus on one thing: providing unparalleled Merger & Acquisition advisory services to medical technology and healthcare companies. To your company that means: broader contacts, deeper industry knowledge, people you can trust, results you can count on. In our prior announcement we promised to share a small bit of insight into what makes our M&A advisory services special and sought after by the top CEOs and venture funds. In this piece, we focus on the acquisition of HydroCision by Volcano Capital for an undisclosed price.

HydroCision was seeking an acquirer that could leverage its unique, proprietary water jet surgical scalpel into a variety of markets beyond its current focus in spine surgery. The company would benefit from a financial partner that would focus on efficient manufacturing, along with the simultaneous launch of products into multiple markets. Over the course of six months we were able to evaluate HydroCision’s competitive advantages, assess and value its top market opportunities, identify the current products’ strengths, and introduce the company to strategic and financing sources. Within a period of eight months we were able to close a transaction, secure financing, assist in the development and implementation of a revised business strategy, and create an appropriate structure to secure financial return for existing shareholders. Hydrocision benefited from our extensive global contacts, our ability to bring multiple parties to the negotiation simultaneously, and ultimately from an exceptional transaction with the best possible partner for their particular goals.

HydroCision develops and markets fluidjet based surgical tools that enable physicians to provide fast, safe and effective patient care. HydroCision’s technology is ideally suited to meet the current and future needs of the spine surgeon by providing a complete system solution for tissue resection and removal. The high-velocity, non-thermal fluidjet cuts tissue continuously, reducing procedure time and surgeon fatigue. The power of the fluidjet with its inherent tissue selectivity is designed to easily cut tissue without damaging surrounding cartilage.

We entered into this process with a distinct advantage: while we focus on medical devices, we are a world leader in orthopedics transactions, having completed over thirty-five in recent history. Some of those transactions are the most notable in the annals of medical technology. As a result, we understand what it takes for an orthopedic company to succeed in its exit, we understand the intellectual property, the clinical data, the surgical procedures, the biology. We know all the strategic partners and the key investors in the sector. In short, we know the markets better than anyone else. This is our hallmark: Singular Focus, Deep Insight, Successful Transactions.