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When are Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures a Viable Alternative to M&A?

“Finding a partner that can execute on the distribution side of an alliance can lead to a highly profitable arrangement.”

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Next Generation Obesity Treatments: Creating Beige Fat (Part 3 of 3)

In recent posts, we’ve taken a look at the impact that obesity is having on the U.S. – both on the population in general and on healthcare facilities – and how traditional treatments have failed.  Surgical options and medications produce limited results, dangerous side effects, and patients often regain lost weight within two or three years.

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Informed College Students Demand Healthy Options: MedCap taps into the college health-food movement

MedCap Advisors offers strategic guidance for clients with emerging technologies and ground breaking developments, and we have recently taken our strategic fortitude and applied it to the food industry. Two of our interns from Roger Williams University, Matthew Bergwall and Sam Gifford, have plugged into the nation-wide healthy food movement that is sweeping college campuses and we’re excited to be a part of it.

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