At MedCap Advisors, Our Interest in Innovation is Limitless

In our work at MedCap Advisors, we often evaluate innovative and creative discoveries that will lead to the development of groundbreaking products and devices. Because we sit at the intersection of clinicians, patients and the medtech marketplace, discovery and exploration are central to our firm.  

But our interest in innovation goes beyond the biological realm, and is extending to support local New England artists and innovators. With that initiative, we are opening our doors to painter Shawn Salinger for an exclusive meet-the-artist event on Saturday, September 7th. Salinger’s art show, titled “Pocket full of Isms,” will display 13 dynamic paintings inspired by astrology and cosmology from his original series, “isms”.  

To gain further insight about his inspiration for this project, we asked Salinger a few questions regarding “Pocket Full of Isms”:

You have a unique use of color in your work- can you elaborate on your color choices and how they influence the integrity of your paintings?

I want the viewer’s eye to move around these colors in a precisely timed pattern to create a harmony that echoes in the senses. When color creates rhythmic timing, it opens the door for emotion and interpretation to step in.

Who are some of your creative inspirations and why does their work inspire you?

I find myself stretching my brush backward and drawing inspiration from the great mid-century masters with specific interest in artists Joan Miro, and Robert Rauschenberg. Their works introduced me to the idea that painting can exist beyond the borders of the canvas, both physically and conceptually.

What does the future look like for Shawn Salinger?

I’m thinking of commanding space with fresh new paintings, and using new techniques of color.  I’m thinking of creating paintings that make physical connections to a series of sculptures set throughout the room helping to guide a viewer’s path. 

What do you hope people will learn about supporting the local art community through the MedCap Advisors art show?

What I have learned, and hope the viewers will learn, is that one of the most important functions of art is the attempt to share the excitement of discovering striking connections between seeming incomparable objects or ideas.

About our exclusive meet-the-artist event:

When: Saturday, September 7, 2013.  6:00PM-10PM           

Where: MedCap Advisors office: 97 Winthrop Street Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA 02138

Highlights: Refreshments will be served and a raffle for guests will feature two passes to the Museum of Fine Art, Boston.

About Shawn Salinger:

Shawn Salinger was born in Vermont and raised in Massachusetts where he spent his youth scribbling in the margins and writing on concrete walls. Having no previous formal training, he used his knowledge of graffiti art to act as a springboard into the fine art world. He found himself inspired by the power of the formal elements in art. Shape, color, and composition began to slowly infuse with pieces of other personal interests including rhythm, poetry, astrology and science to create a language of symbols. A George Gabin award winner and Yale summer fellowship nominee, Shawn received his B.F.A from Montserrat College of Art where he studied both painting and sculpture. He currently resides in New Hampshire where he is working on a new series of paintings dealing with the nuances of symbolic description.

“I try to edit what isn’t essential and have what remains be just the essence, a negative, a kind
of portrait of a thousand different memories blending into one grand gesture” -
Shawn Salinger